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Born in Mola di Bari on 02 October 1982, Giancarlo Clemente attended the commercial studies of Accounting at the Montale Institute in Rutigliano. His thirst for ambition finds its dimension in the world of the real estate market where he initially engages in collaborations with the major brands in the sector, finding some success, culminating in his official registration in the “role of business agents in mediation”. This is the period in which he meets Paolo Liuzzi, currently a business partner, with whom he matures the decision to bet on his abilities. After long months of preparation, in December 2011 the Comprocasa agency opens in Mola di Bari, an independent brand, an original logo born of his creativity and constant search for perfection, in complete partnership with professionalism and courtesy. This allowed Giancarlo to make his agency an important point of reference for the Molese real estate market. Passionate about contemporary oil painting, Giancarlo dedicates his free time to painting women’s faces with strong colors and characteristic features, expressing all the beauty of the female world enclosed in a look or in a hug. Together with his jack russell Ettore and his partner Pamela, he never misses an opportunity for walks in the open air, travels dedicated to art, culture and well-being. He defines himself as stubborn, and it cannot be said that he is not, but his main gift is certainly the ability to listen, understand the needs of those who turn to him, and patiently strive to make the dream of a lifetime come true….

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