Two billion in 4 years to raise rents

Indietro| Two billion in 4 years to raise rents

The decree to relaunch rents (and the convenience of owners to rent) is at the decisive stage of the process: the comparison of the last mile between the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Infrastructures on the available resources.

Technical meetings are still scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday, but due to the ambitious “Lupi decree”, which would like to relaunch an organic policy on the rental market after years of absence, the postponement to the first Council of Ministers in January is now almost certain. Although some progress has been made, the comparison still leaves some fundamental issues uncovered in the request for 2 billion in four years (2012-2017), about 400 million in 2014, presented with the text of 12 articles by the Ministry of Infrastructure. First of all, the steps forward. An availability of Giorgio Santilli – Il Sole 24 Ore – read on

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