Closing the balcony: is it possible?

Indietro| Closing the balcony: is it possible?

The closure of a balcony (or veranda) of an apartment in a building with a condominium regulation, very often generates many disputes and disputes. Both for the aesthetics of the facade and for a real danger of a work carried out in complete abusiveness and not in a workmanlike manner. It may seem like a difficult obstacle to overcome even if the balcony is an extension of the apartment and therefore remains the exclusive property of the property and it is also true that everyone can do whatever they want with it. However, when you go to the technical office of the municipality to obtain the permit (which is mandatory before construction), in addition to the technical drawings prepared by the technician, the authorization of the assembly is often requested as an essential condition for the authorization. condominium. And in this case we are faced with an obstacle that may seem insuperable. What to do if the condominiums do not want you to close the balcony and, without their authorization, the municipality does not give you permission? The answer was recently given by the Campania Tar (actually very simple):

The municipality must verify only the urban planning regularity of the construction and not the rules of good neighborhood;
The condo cannot tell you what to do on your property.

To conclude, we recall below the points to be respected for the realization:

The construction must not constitute a danger or prejudice to the stability of the building;
The realization must not spoil the decoration of the aesthetics of the building.

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